The Ronkonkama Hub project is about building a brighter future for our neighbors. We’re transforming the area around the Ronkonkama train station into a vibrant gateway to all the fun and excitement Brookhaven and Eastern Long Island have to offer.

Entertainment space for shows, concerts, and exhibitions from all over the world

Bringing full time and part time jobs to Long Island

Retail space for some of the most popular, upscale stores in the country

Homes for everyone, young and old

Long Island nightlife comes alive

Restaurant space for the hottest eateries in New York


We’re creating a vibrant destination with plenty of great space for residents, retail, entertainment, offices and restaurants in one premiere destination.


We’re creating a vibrant destination with plenty of great space for residents, retail, entertainment, offices and restaurants in one premiere destination.

  • Untitled-1“We have been working with the Town on the Ronkonkoma Hub from the beginning and we look forward to partnering with TRITEC to revitalize our community, bring new businesses and local jobs to the area, improve the infrastructure, expand our tax base and create a sense of place around the train station.”
    George Schramm – President
    Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

  • Untitled-1“The Ronkonkoma Chamber of Commerce sees the Hub project as an opportunity to improve the economic prosperity of our local businesses as well as the quality of life for the residents of the Greater Ronkonkomas.”
    – Denise Schwarz – President
    Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Ronkonkomas

  • Untitled-1“The completion of the Ronkonkoma Hub Project will significantly transform a previously underutilized area into a thriving economic engine that will benefit all of the surrounding communities.”
    Kevin Guilfoyle – Vice President
    Holbrook Chamber of Commerce

  • Untitled-1“Economic development is at the core of the sustainability of Suffolk County’s economy. The Ronkonkoma Hub project will transform the Ronkonkoma Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Station into a mixed-use, transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly community. This project will generate construction jobs as well as hundreds of permanent and secondary jobs. The Ronkonkoma Hub is the right project for Long Island.”
    Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone

  • Untitled-1“The redevelopment of the area surrounding the Ronkonkoma Railroad Station will establish the most vibrant transit-oriented development on the East Coast creating new businesses and jobs, expanding the property tax base, keeping young people from leaving Long Island and encouraging the use of mass transit. It will offer a vibrant mix of business, commercial, office, restaurant, residential and institutional and entertainment uses for workers and visitors as well as for the residents in the community”
    Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine

  • Untitled-1“The planning for the Ronkonkoma Hub project is well under way. Ultimately, the Hub will be a walkable community that will encourage our young and senior populations to remain here in Brookhaven. This multi-modal, transit-oriented development at the intersection of road, rail and air will have a sustainable development design that will reduce the need for cars and, as a result, reduce pollution. The Hub will be a destination location for the region and an economic engine for Brookhaven. The project is being designed to accommodate entertainment, retail, office, medical and residential uses. The Hub will provide entertainment venues, employment opportunities and housing options for Brookhaven residents.”
    Brookhaven Councilman Tim Mazzei

  • Untitled-1“The unique opportunity to incorporate three major modes of transportation – the Long Island Railroad, the Long Island Expressway and the Long Island McArthur Airport – into a thriving community where you can live, work and play is a positive economic and quality of life development for our area. I congratulate the Town of Brookhaven for taking a leadership role in creating and carrying out the necessary planning and hard work to make this proposal a reality.”
    Congressman Tim Bishop

  • Untitled-1“The Ronkonkoma Hub redevelopment would spur business growth in an area that is critically important to the region’s ability to expand exports and imports and become a global business and tourism destination. The creation of the village would transform a now blighted area near the station into a live-work-play community and meet a regional need. ”
    Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council

  • Untitled-1“The Ronkonkoma Hub presents a unique development opportunity for Long Island to capitalize on the nexus of transportation modes in the heart of Suffolk County with the Long Island Railroad, Long Island MacArthur Airport and major roadway arteries. The proposed mixed-use development addresses the Island’s critical need for rental homes in a transit-oriented venue to accommodate our young professionals and workforce as well as our seniors who are interested in downsizing their living accommodations. For its many benefits and importance to Long Island, the Ronkonkoma Hub has been designated as a Project of Regional Significance by our Council.”
    John D. Cameron Jr., P.E. – Chairman
    Long Island Regional Planning Council



We want your ideas and suggestions for making the Ronkonkoma Hub a destination we can all be proud of. Positive and constructive comments are appreciated.

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